Electronic Data Capture & Clinical Data Management

Interactive value demonstration tools can help translate research into powerful visuals and deliver strong economic value narratives to stakeholders and healthcare providers more effectively.

Streamlining the process

Maximize impact with streamlined data capture and optimized content. Reduce time spent on developing and managing studies with the use of powerful calculations, tailored visuals, and advanced user management. Our solutions accelerate the development process to help reach healthcare outcomes faster.

Globally compliant

Our technology allows the collection of global real-time data on any platform, from hand-held devices to desktops. All of our EDC solutions are Title 21 CFR Part 11, H.I.P.A.A. compliant and observe Canadian PIPEDA regulations.

Content management

Streamline workflow

Simplify and ease workflow with intuitive user interfaces that enable full control of all clinical evidence. View study progress at-a-glance on multiple formats.


Advanced performance

Increase the accuracy and reliability of outcome assessments with sophisticated analyses.

Achieve quick and complex calculations based on detailed metrics and performance levels. View, dissect and isolate separate components of data, to understand the true impact of the clinical and economic outcome.

Visual Tools

Dynamic dashboards

Effective visualizations lead to actionable advice. Design data stories that convey conclusions directly and clearly in a way that stakeholders and decision makers can appreciate.

Our Platforms

Multifunctional modules and capabilities


Database analysis

Cost Projections

Retrospective chart review studies

Quantitative & qualitative surveys

Prospective observational studies


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