Yaletown Co. Suppliers

Yaletown Co Suppliers

Helping Yaletown Co. Suppliers convert more customers with a new identity and brand strategy.

Yaletown Co. Suppliers

An up-and-coming backpack and clothing company.


Vancouver, Canada


Apparel & Accessories

Services we provided

+ Research & Consumer Insights
+ Content Strategy
+ Visual Identity
+ Brand Guidelines
+ Merchandising

The client

Yaletown Co. Suppliers will soon hit the scene with their classic-styled backpacks that are sure to land them as the next icon in streetwear. With a relaxed style and quirky colour-ways, you’ll find their target customers strolling university campuses and your local coffee house. 

The challenge

Setting up a unique brand can be extremely difficult in a saturated industry such as fashion. Which is why Yaletown Co. Suppliers came to us in dire need of a brand identity that was distinctive as well as rememberable.

Our goal was to bring some creativity and quirkiness to the brand while also providing strong visual consistency.  

The solution

After extensive market research, we defined a set of actionable guidelines and identity styles to increase the reach of the company and their products. We pushed for an identity that was uniquely Yaletown Co. Suppliers, allowing their team to be more creative and offbeat in their marketing strategy and social media content. 

Yaletown Co Suppliers Logo
Yaletown Co Suppliers Logo

Media Content

Yaletown Co Instagram Posts
Yaletown Co Suppliers Product Display
Yaletown Co Suppliers Product Display

Merchandise and Marketing Materials

Yaletown Co Suppliers Bag Tag
Yaletown Co Suppliers sticker sheet
Yaletown Co Suppliers sticker sheet

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