Yaletown Tech

Establishing the website and brand for a growing IT support and repair retailer

Yaletown Tech

Professional IT support and computing repair services for individuals and businesses


Vancouver, Canada


Retail Service

Services we provided

+ Visual Identity
+ Branding
+ Website Design
+ Search Engine Optimization

The client

Yaletown Tech assists their customers by generating and synthesizing medical trial evidence to help their stakeholders make better informed decisions. They provide technical and communication solutions in the pharmaceutical, health technology, and public spaces.

The challenge

Yaletown Tech were needing a more cohesive experience across their website with a focus on copy and visuals that captured the attention of their desired demographic.

The team also wanted Clarity+Viz to ensure the website was more flexible on the backend to improve their site management.

The solution

We refreshed Yaletown Tech’s website with an updated layout, colour scheme and UI design. We also designed and built a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress CMS platform.

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